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my design services


I will help you create a style vision that is unique to you and your family. We will consult and work closely together to update your spaces. This may include sketches or 3D renderings, Pinterest and mood boards, and materials options. From simple furniture rearranging and color updates, to changing the layout of your home and moving walls with complete restyle, interior design can be large or small in scope depending on your needs. Although I’m very inventive, my goal is to help you express your values and personalities, not mine.


I will be your partner in all phases of your project. Beginning with design, planning and style, contractor selection, construction management, materials selection, and final staging and decor. This is typically charged as a percentage of your project budget. Project management means I present sub-contractors for you to approve and hire, keep an accurate budget and schedule using a shared app, and manage the day to day construction, yet you are in complete control. Every detail must be decided on and I present narrowed options for you to choose from. I walk with you through every design detail and construction process, up to final staging and photography.

Design is a philosophy

Have you ever realized that every object, shape, pattern, even traffic flow, in your space reflects who you are? It's not just the family photo on the wall or that special trinket you brought home from vacation that can speak, but the layers of pillows on your sofa, the wallpaper pattern (or lack thereof). Are you a chef? Let's dress up a cake stand in your bathroom. Are you an engineer? Let's display the inner workings of a circuit board in your living room. Do you love the beach? Let's create a subtle oasis in your home. What is seen requires more than a second thought. What you believe, who you are, what you love; your personality, can shine in your home or work space. Through careful selection, I will bring options to you that represent your personal style that we curate together. Deciding to use your budget on moving walls or luxurious materials is a fine balance of form and function.



Let me help you
Make your House a Home

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